Our Process

A Proven Process

At JCIP, we create video that seamlessly integrates with your established communications efforts and more.

JCIP makes crafting an expertly produced video 5-step simple:


Step #1: Research

We start by understanding not only your business as it stands today, but your business and communications goals for the future.

Step #2: Discovery

We ask questions that provoke thought and seek answers that enable us to develop an acute knowledge of your business, goals, objectives and corporate strategy.

Step #3: Production

JCIP handles all of your video needs, from concept development, to scripting and post-production.

Step #4: Compliance

We work hand-in-hand with your compliance team, ensuring your final video is not only engaging and targeted to your key stakeholders, but that it is compliance-friendly.

Step #5: Distribution

From targeted online and social media to trade shows, email campaigns and ad buys, JCIP ensures your expertly produced video is seen by the audiences you want to reach.